Perception is Everything!!!

Last Night I read the above #Tweet dm Message, about a Woman questioning another Woman on how she knew 'Her Man'. I then repost a meme to remind Women if You ever have to question another Woman on how they know 'Your Man' then You need to leave him & be solo! It's AMAZING how... Continue Reading →


1st pic is from this past weekend & 2nd pic is a #TBT pic from 20+ years ago. It's a trip how Life works. A hard head Definitely makes a soft ass. If I could tell 20 year old me anything I'd say: "Let that Hurt go & allow #LOVE Mama! Fck holding onto pain... Continue Reading →


#DoOneThingEverydayThatMakesYouHappy I LOVE to #BriskWalk. I live in a gated community that has 400+ apartments. So I encounter all types of people everyday. It's one of the many reasons I love where I live. I get to see Life (Good & Bad) Daily. My favorite people to encounter on my walks are the kids. They... Continue Reading →

#ValentinesDay fell on #Humpday

#HappyHumpday & #HappyValentinesDay Everyone. ​If You don't have someone to spend today with then show #LOVE to Your MF Self & 'relax' YOURSELF🤜 #SelfLove = #SafeSex #Ijs  I had to post this meme because whoever made it I bet had the pleasure of experiencing a true #Scorpio ​***click the link If You wish to surprise... Continue Reading →

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