#DoOneThingEverydayThatMakesYouHappy I LOVE to #BriskWalk. I live in a gated community that has 400+ apartments. So I encounter all types of people everyday. It's one of the many reasons I love where I live. I get to see Life (Good & Bad) Daily. My favorite people to encounter on my walks are the kids. They... Continue Reading →

#ThankYou Everyone

#HappyFriday I feel like I'm in an Awesome Dream. #THANKYOU Everyone, for your Support through my entire #Journey. You ALL have helped me in so Many ways & I'm #GratefulAsFck. From the #Emails #Text #Calls #Repost #Tweets #WordOfMouth Watching  #Botched #Love #Encouraging words, +. I'm going to read & respond to Everything this weekend. I'm... Continue Reading →


#ThankfulAsFck Today My Kiddo comes back home after being gone 12 days. I missed him A LOT.  But I'm super Grateful he was able to get out of Cali  & spend some quality time with My Dad, My Brother & My Step Mom in Georgia. Thank You Mommy for making that happen. And Thanks 2... Continue Reading →

My Ninja Kista😊

One thing I'm getting better at is letting go of Grudges and admitting when I'm wrong. I am one to hold a mf grudge FOREVER & EVER and honestly that shit has eaten me alive with A Lot of situations. So as I've been seeing people, reaching out and even bumping into people. I've been... Continue Reading →

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