My #BriskWalk 👣 6 Year Anniversary

Today mark’s my 6 year Anniversary of Brisk Walking! I’m so mf Grateful on 08/26/2014 I finally got my ass up, put on some tennis shoes,  played music that got me hyped & started Walking! It truly changed my life for the better. Walking helps not only my physical but most importantly my mental health.

Since 2014, I’ve had a serious journey.  I’ve lost weight,  got back healthy (to the point my doctor weaned me off of #HighBloodPressure medication.) 
Then in #2017 I was blessed to get my breast fixed (via #Botched) after having a deformity since my explantation (removal of Breast Implants) in #2005.

Fast forward to #2018. I started having A Lot of health issues & started gaining  weight back rapidly. I then had several test done but none Could figure out what was wrong.
 Earlier this year I got better health benefits.  Went to my new doctor & she immediately ran several more test on me. This time my new doctor said she believes my implants are the cause of All my health issues seeing that they all started once I put #Silicone Breast Implants in my body.  Some people get implants & have no issues my body did the opposite. 

I have #BreastImplantIllness  = the silicone in my breast implants are making me sick. My new #Goal is to remove them ASAP, So I can get back Healthy. I will be documenting this. I share my journey praying it helps someone else. 
 I got my 1st set of Implants at 21 & now at 42 the #FDA Is just now releasing info on how implants cause significant health issues.  If You are thinking about getting #plasticsurgery PLEASE do your research 1st. #ILearnedTheHardWay 

Every day I spend at least 30 minutes doing something physical to release tension & relax myself #TryIt.
Follow my stories to see me #BriskWalk daily. & click the link in my bio to read more about my journey. 
Love Chanel M. The #BriskWalkLady 💋

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