#HermitLife 😜

 #SocialDistancing has been fairly easy for Me. I spend 90% of my time Solo. Through the years I’ve learned I Love being around People… but only for a few hours because it Drains the fck out of me. I’m more of a 1 on 1 friend.  I’ll give one person a day my full undivided attention but Then I need to recharge with #MeTime.  

A Few months back I had a conversation with some coworkers & they expressed how they’ve never been to the movies/concert/vacation by themselves because they believe that’s #Weird😂 . I’ve ALWAYS Enjoyed my solo missions. You learn A lot about Yourself that way. 

If Nothing else during this time PLEASE do Yourself a favor & Learn to be ok Solo. Even just for 30 minutes a day. Seriously…  Play some Music that You Love, burn sage/incense/candle, Stretch,  spin in a mf circle,  shit masturbate with your fav toy ,etc . Just do something FUN to Celebrate & Enjoy Yourself!  I remind myself to do  something that makes Me feel Good everyday.  I still struggle, Ohh but a Ninja Definitely Relaxes #SelfCare 💦
Chanel MThe #BriskWalkLady 💋

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