Perception is Everything!!!

Last Night I read the above #Tweet dm Message, about a Woman questioning another Woman on how she knew ‘Her Man’.

I then repost a meme to remind Women if You ever have to question another Woman on how they know ‘Your Man’ then You need to leave him & be solo!

It’s AMAZING how many people read this & understood the Message compared to the few who didn’t understand it.

In my 20s, I used to be the Woman who would foolishly call/page another woman with this BS. (this was b4 texting 🀣) However by the time I hit my 30s, I realized if I’m in a relationship with someone & can’t talk to them openly about EVERYTHING there is simply no point in being together. COMMUNICATION should be #1 in relationships. If You can’t trust/talk openly with your partner what’s the point???

#LifeLessons #Reach1Teach1

I hope this message helps someone.

Love. Chanel M.

The #BriskWalkLady πŸ‘£

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