My #AmericaInOneRoom Experience

Screenshot_20190930-105951_Gallery.jpgI was chosen as 1 of 500 American Voters to partake in #AmericaInOneRoom. (A1R)  was a historic gathering of 500 representatives of the American electorate – delegates – who participated in a nonpartisan discussion about the major issues of the 2020 presidential election. A1R occurred 09/19/2019 to 09/22/2019 in Grapevine, Texas.
It was an AMAZING experience! There were so many people from different backgrounds who all came together to talk about Politics & learn from one another.  I will Forever cherish this opportunity and the new friendships I made.

WE can Learn A Lot from simply talking & listening to each other!

*FYI* I’m in the video below speaking several times. The CNN camera shows all 230+ pounds of Me so I included a Picture that I took at A1R that I Love. #LifeLesson = Learn your angles!

You can watch the entire video on #CNN news at the following links:




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