1st pic is from this past weekend & 2nd pic is a #TBT pic from 20+ years ago. It’s a trip how Life works. A hard head Definitely makes a soft ass. If I could tell 20 year old me anything I’d say: “Let that Hurt go & allow #LOVE Mama! Fck holding onto pain for 20+ years”. Also keep your 32A Titties, Trust it will save You 20+ years of surgery #ijs #LifeLessons
Peep my #ImAboutToShitPose😅🤣😂 #GottaLove the #90s.
My Next hairstyle will be Individuals😁 #ILoveMyJourney #HowDidYouAge
Fyi, I was super depressed in my early 30s so I don’t have many pics from then. Therefore #20yearDifference #AgingChallenge

*Correction* I was 18/19 in the TBT pic not 20.


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