Ladies get a #MagicWand 💦

#HappyHumpday a few months back I read a #MustRead article on @xonecole about all the PLEASURE the #MagicWand brings. So I put it on my Amazon #Wishlist. Then Last week Wednesday, I came home & saw I was blessed with one for my birthday 😁

The first day I used it for my calves after my #BriskWalk👣. It definitely helped. Then on the next day, I said Fck it & used it for #MeTime = #SelfCare💦. Hands down it is the BEST Massage ‘TOY’ EVER!  Ladies, Do YOURSELF a favor & get one! I promise you will thank me later.
Side Note: *You might want to Keep your panties on when you do it at 1st, because the vibration is Very Strong*

#ImForeverExplicit True #Scorpio #SelfLove #Masturbation
#Sex #Massage #HumpDay

This is the article  that made me want a Magic Wand #GreatRead


Love ,

Chanel M.

IMG_20181107_063600_509The #BriskWalkLady

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