I LOVE to #BriskWalk. I live in a gated community that has 400+ apartments. So I encounter all types of people everyday. It’s one of the many reasons I love where I live. I get to see Life (Good & Bad) Daily. My favorite people to encounter on my walks are the kids. They are Always outside playing, laughing & just being carefree.

There is one particular kid I see daily. He usually has a stick in his hand, solo walking, playing with animals or the trees. He’s the 1st kid I see outside in the mornings & one of the last kids I see outside at night. I believe he is like 7/8. When I first would see him – like 2 years ago- he’d always have a frown or have a look of frustration on his face. So I’d make sure to Always speak & smile at him. Sometimes he would say Hi back but he’d Never smile. Instead he always would look like he was in deep thought. That made me sad, Kids shouldn’t have any worries. So earlier this year, I made certain every time I saw him I’d say Hi, smile & then ask him: ‘You not going to smile for me today?’ It took a while but eventually every time he would see me he would instantly smile. That would make my day because I knew, if no one else made him smile at least I helped him smile 1x that day.

I haven’t seen him outside this entire summer & I was wondering why. So Last night I asked about him & found out his mom became addicted to drugs. Beautiful young lady, like early 20s. Shit has my heart hurting & now I can’t stop thinking about the kid. I now understand why He would always look lost in thought, He’s probably seen/experienced so much already in life.  I pray he excels in life & this doesn’t scar him. I know one too many adults who experienced a parent on drugs when they were kids. Some are doing good but others are still dealing with those emotions, hurting. If I ever see him again I’m going to say ‘Please do me a favor… ALWAYS find a way to Smile & be Happy Everyday, ok?’ He’s a kid so he might not understand my point in telling him that but I bet he’ll always remember the lady who is Always walking & always made a point to speak to him & smile. I pray he knows He’s Important & that He matters.

I walk daily because it relaxes me,
I walk daily for the interaction with people.
I walk daily to spread smiles to others I encounter.
I walk daily hoping I inspire someone else to get out of the house & simply walk.
#SelfCare #FckDepression,

I STILL deal with depression from time to time but I make a point to get out & #BriskWalk because like my fav rapper says ‘You only get 1 ticket, might as well Enjoy the ride!’

IF your someone who is feeling down, put on some comfy shoes, play some music that gets you hyped & Walk. I promise even if you do it just for 30 minutes you will feel better. Plus if you walk in your neighborhood You’ll get a chance to encounter others & simply smile.

Chanel M. The #BriskWalkLady

#ITellMyJourneyInHopesItHelpsSomeoneElse #Reach1Teach1 #PayItForward

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