#CoverUpTattoo #YouLiveAndYouLearn

Yesterday , I started getting the frog/roach tattoo on the back of my neck covered up. I had that bs my entire 30’s. It was originally a name, that I got in my late 20s then I covered it up with what supposed to be a #scorpion but as You see it looked more like a #Roach😩. I have one more session to finish it & I #LOVE it already❤.

Ladies & Gentlemen take it from me DON’T make the mistake of getting someone’s name tattoo! It’s like a Jinx. How many people do you know who are STILL with the person that they got their name tattoo?

20180426_182916.jpg Google ‘The Curse of the name Tattoo’. You don’t want to be 40 years old getting something covered up that you got in your 20s #Ijs #LifeLessons  btw I’m speaking from experience I’ve done this bs shit 3x 😅🤤🤣😲  & they all had to cover my name too😜
#AHardHeadMakeASoftAss #YouLiveAndYouLearn #Reach1Teach1 #CoverUpTattoo
Love ya, Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady

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