Last week, I wrote a letter to Brooks Running shoes. I #LOVE their #shoes and I haven’t had 1 blister since I started wearing their brand.
A few days later I received a response email & was blessed with a 25% off coupon for 1 item. I immediately went to their website’s sale page & bought a pair that were originally $120 for just $59.54 (that was with tax & shipping).
I usually buy their shoes at Nordstrom rack where they have the previous season shoes for $70-$90.
The retail price of their shoes are $120-$170 & they last 300-500 miles

(3-6 months). So I lucked up & got them 1/2 off.

Prior to getting this new pair, I hadn’t been able to buy myself any new Shoes in almost a year. Now I can finally get rid of my old shoes. I would donate them but I’ve worn them down to the sole.  My goal is to buy a new pair at least every 3 months. (Given I find a Good sale). I also set a reminder to check the bottom of my shoe soles monthly.

How often do You check the bottom of your walking/running shoes?


If you #Walk #Jog #Run then You Need a pair of Brooks Running Shoes. They are Super Comfy, have Great Support & make your feet feel like your walking on air.
Also, If you buy directly from Brooks they always have #FREE Shipping & free returns.
Get Yourself a pair & promise Your #Feet will Thank You.
#BrooksRunningShoes #MustHave’s

#PoundThePavement #FckDepression #BriskWalk

If You’d like to surprise a ninja with a new pair of Brooks running shoes,
I wear a 9.5 in Men & 11 in Women


Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady1519752492204.jpg

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