Documentary on #Depression that I’m in

The link below is the Trailer to the documentary:

‘The Rhythm of Blue’

a ​J.C.Thomas & #Valaira SaRa FILM
that I was blessed to participate in.

“Healing from Depression is a Jouney, not a Destination. One must find their own Rhythm to Healing.”

Please watch it when your time permits

(It’s only 1 min & 33 seconds).

It is currently being submitted to several Film festivals & I Pray it’s picked up by all because I know it will change lives. Each of the Ladies involved in it share their Journey’s & it is a must see & hear. Once it airs/released I promise to post the information so you may watch it in full.

Please forward this to anyone it may help.

Chanel M.

The #BriskWalkLady

Instagram & Twitter = @BriskWalkLady


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