The AAA card #LifeLesson My Dad taught me at 19!

#TBT #ThrowBackThursday Me at age #19 in #1997

 Ever since I was a teenager, My Dad has always given my siblings​ & myself  a card & cash on our Birthday.

 However on my 19th birthday when I opened up the card there was no cash. Instead it was my ​birthday ​card &​ a AAA card membership.  I immediately frowned.

My Dad​ ​saw my facial expression ​& asked: “​​Chanel, ​what are you frowning about​?’​
Me: ‘Daddy, I don’t need this’. ​
My Dad smiled & said ‘Y​es you do! Y​ou ​just ​got your 1st car right?’
Me: ‘Yes’
My Dad:​  ‘Chanel, You Never want to be somewhere & can’t get back home on ​

Y​our own. ​Always have a Plan B, in case of emergency!
​                  This AAA card ensures you can get a tow​/get your tire replaced, etc​.
Even if your not in your own car, with this, You will always be able to

​get a tow for the car your in & ​get home safe​.

You’ll have to renew this AAA membership every year!
​    ​          So from here on out, use some of the birthday money I give You, to renew your AAA membership,  You understand?’

Me: ‘Yes Daddy!’

After the convo, I was still heated because my young ass didn’t really comprehend what he was saying.  Now at 40 I FINALLY get it. ​
To this day, ​I’ve never ​had to worry about
a tow because I’ve always kept a AAA membership.​ ​

I’ve even towed MANY of my friends & loved one’s w/my AAA benefits.
Sometimes You don’t get what You want but ​instead ​You get what You NEED.
​I’m #GratefulAsFck for ​all the birthday donations.
I was finally able to pay a few needed bills like My AAA card membership.
​I share my Journey in hopes that it helps others
#Reach1Teach1 #PayItForward #LifeLessons
Chanel M
The #BriskWalkLady

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