Thank You Everyone for an Awesome #40th #Birthday Weekend

​I want to say THANK YOU to Everyone who Donated to My GoFundMe, gave a donation in person, through paypal, gift me a card, Candy, did a birthday post 4 me, called, text me, #HappyBirthday and celebrated with me in any form this weekend. You ALL made me truly have a GREAT 40TH Birthday weekend.

This Weekend was AWESOME. It started off with me “in my feelings” about turning 40. So Friday night right after my brisk walk my Mommy came over & chilled with me.  That cheered me up instantly. Then Saturday afternoon, to my surprise my ex-husband actually picked up our son for an entire day & he even kept him overnight to bond with him. This was his First time in over 1.5+ years & he lives Just 4 freeway exit’s away…. My son was beyond HAPPY so that made me Grateful. I pray this happens more often…

Saturday night, My Cousin & school friends had their Annual Halloween #BackYardBoogie Party so I went & got to celebrate with A LOT of my loved ones. It was just what I needed. Everyone was dressed in costumes, dancing & having a Great time. My loved one’s there even sang me #HappyBirthday.

I left the party around 12:30am got home & decided to chill SOLO. Turned on some comedy, had some wine ‘relaxed myself’ & was knocked out.

Sunday – My actual #Birthday, I slept in a little then went & had my annual Birthday massage. I found a Great spot called Lebua Thai Massage in the LBC, that ONLY charges $35 an hour for Thai massage (Daily from 9am to 2pm).That massage was much needed.

After my massage, my son was back home so I ordered Wingstop for Us & we got to chill the rest of the day. At 7pm I got up & did my first #BriskWalk at 40. I completed  5.85 miles.

I had an amazing WEEKEND and want to THANK Everyone who helped me with this. Because of your Birthday Donations, I am now able to pay off my Walmart card in full. Which is what I use to buy groceries for my son & myself weekly. TEENS eat A Lot lol.  I Share my Journey in hopes that it helps others.

My GoFundMe will be up until November 1st for anyone else who would like to help me reach my Goal.

Love Always,
Chanel M
The #BriskWalkLady
Twitter & Instagram @BriskWalkLady

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