My #40th #Birthday Wish…

“40 for 40”

Hello Everyone!

I will be 40 on October 29th
and all I want for my #40th #Birthday is to ‘get my head above water’.

I’m a single mother, who works a 8-5. I do Not receive child support
& I have been scrapping by to make ends meet.
​So For my 40th birthday I’m asking for “40 for 40”

PLEASE help me by donating what you Can, toward my #goal.  All funds donated will go directly to paying off bills and helping me provide for my son.

​The ​past 3+ years ​I have been ​raising my son, working on being a better woman, brisk walking &  speaking about my botched plastic surgery & depression. I share my journey in hopes that it will help others to get ​Help and say #FckDepression. You can learn more about my journey at
or watch me on
E! Channel’s #Botched Season 4 Episode 10 ‘Make Titties Great Again’,​

Please note: I did NOT receive any monetary compensation for participating in any of the above, I did it to Help Others Learn from my #LifeLessons*

Please share my journey with someone else it could help.

​Love, Chanel M. The #BriskWalkLady1503749883185

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