#BriskWalk #Walking Apps & Comfy #TennisShoe info

#HappyFriday Everyone,


I am Often asked questions on the apps & shoes I wear while brisk walking so I wanted to share the following info.
I recently read about a 10 minute walking app, from #ACTIVE10 called 10 Brisk Minutes & It’s  #FREE & will help Encourage Any1 to start Walking. If Your already walking/jogging/brisk Walking/running download #MyMyWalk or #NikeRunningApp. All Apps will keep track of your progress & motivate You to keep at it. Plus they are all FREE!


On my walks, Sometimes I skip, hop, twirl & even dance while I #BriskWalk. Other times when I’m Moody,  I like to pretend I’m stomping on faces. It’s an Awesome way to release negative energy. Either way I’m Always much Happier after a walk. Try it, I promise it WILL relax YOU & Your body will Thank You later.

Get some Comfy tennis shoes. I suggest Brooks Running Shoes. They have the BEST cushion ever and make your feet feel like your walking on air. Plus if your on a budget (Like I am) You can get them at Nordstrom Rack for about 1/2 off the original price.

Make yourself an Awesome Music Playlist that gets You super hyped & START Today! #NoExcuses

Let’s All Get Healthy together.


The following is a picture of All the #BrooksRunningShoes I’ve worn in the past year. I  get at least 300+ miles out of each pair,  Money well Spent. I haven’t had a Blister since switching to Brooks Running Shoes.


Love Ya,
Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady
Twitter & Instagram = @BriskWalkLady

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