My 3 Year #Anniversary #BriskWalk #BriskWalkLady

​Today is My 3 Year #Anniversary of starting to #BriskWalk on a regular. I started Brisk Walking on #August 26th 2014. Prior to (In 2013 & early 2014) I took a DV class,  Drug & Alcohol class, went to group Therapy, saw a psychiatrist & took medication-
***None of these classes were court ordered- I did it for SELF & It REALLY Helped***

I was able to take advantage of all these programs FREE because I was on #Welfare. If You are on #Government aid ask your worker about these programs so YOU can change your life for the better too. Take care of Your #MentalHealth #SelfCare

When I 1st started to #BriskWalk, I couldn’t even walk a whole block w/o stopping to take a break to catch my breath. It would take me at least 30+ minutes just to walk a mile. But I kept at it & made a promise to myself to make #MeTime = #SelfCare at least 3-5x a week. I even walk when it #Rains….#NoExcuses. About a year & 1/2 into my #BriskWalk #Walk #Journey I changed my eating habits for the better (I still eat bs but now in moderation). Once I lost 75+pounds, I applied for #Botched. So I could finally get My #Titties fixed & I was Blessed to get it. Set #Goals, Achieve them, Then set More! Trust If I can do it so can YOU!!!


​I share my Journey so it can HELP someone else.  You can’t be #Mad #Sad & #Bitter everyday Luv, Trust me I did that shit & all it did was eat me alive. Get HELP If You need it. Ain’t no shame in Bettering YOURSELF #Counseling #Therapy #Medication #exercise etc.
Lastly, if You are on #PrescriptionMedicine like #HighBloodPressure meds #Antidepressants etc. IF your medication says #DoNotDrink Alcohol while taking this medication then DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL! Because if You do it will cause you even more health issues (physical & mental) as well as #RapidWeightGain. #ILearnedTheHardWay #HardHeadMakesASoftAss #FckDepressionYOU can purchase your #fckdepression shirts by pressing the link in my bio
Please mark your calendars for my 40th Birthday, Sunday #October29th = 10/29
All I want for my Birthday is for all my Friends & Family to come join me for a Birthday Walk. Details soon to come.

Love U,
The #BriskWalkLady
THANK YOU Everyone who has ever Encouraged & Supported me on my journey. You all have kept me going on days I wanted to give up! #Reach1Teach1 #PayItForward1503749883185.jpg

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