Today My Kiddo comes back home after being gone 12 days. I missed him A LOT.  But I’m super Grateful he was able to get out of Cali  & spend some quality time with My Dad, My Brother & My Step Mom in Georgia. Thank You Mommy for making that happen. And Thanks 2 his Dad for making sure he had money for his trip #ItTakesAVillage

I didn’t go out while he was gone just work, brisk walk  = my regular day to day. I was however able to catch up with a lot of my close friends & family in person & verbally. I am thankful for everyone who called or came by to check on me.

Thank You to Everyone who has bought a #FckDepression #Tshirt. Support Your Ninja by purchasing Yours here: http://www.nobodyjones.bigcartel.com/product/fckdepression

Lastly, Thank You to Everyone who repost the information on the episode of #BOTCHED that I will be on Next week Thursday 08/17 at 9pm on the #EChannel #Episode10 #Season4

Chanel M.

The #BriskWalkLady

p.s. I took this picture last weekScreenshot_20170806-234428.png

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