06/2014 vs 06/2017

06/2014 vs 06/2017  Age 36 vs 39.  This is Me at 36 vs me Yesterday age 39. I’m Super Glammed up (I don’t wear Makeup on a regular.) That #Smile Though. This week I was blessed to do a quick turn around trip to #NewYork to do some #Press for a reality show episode I’m on. Details on the show are soon to come #StayTuned.
Wednesday & Thursday, I felt like #Cinderella, had a driver, stayed at a Beautiful hotel, filmed for 2 press shows then flew back home so I could be at work (a Ninja STILL work a 8-5)  Very soon, You all will get to see my Journey on TV & I Pray someone somewhere see’s it & gets HELP like I did. 

If You are #Depressed or dealing with something that is affecting your #MentalHealth #GetHelp or that shit will eat You alive. Trust, I learned the hard way. #FuckDepression
#FaceToFaceFriday #FaceToFace  #BriskWalk #Walk #Love #BlessingsOnBlessings #YouOnlyGetOneTicketMightAsWellEnjoyTheRide #BeforeAndAfter #ThenAndNow
To Learn more about my Journey, Please press this link: http://www.blackweightlosssuccess.com/chanel-lost-67-pounds/

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