#FaceToFace #FaceToFacefriday 


#FaceToFace #FaceToFacefriday #BeforeAndAfter #BabyStepsAddUpToBigChanges #BriskWalk #Walk #LetThatNegativeShitGo. I stay #cheesing or #Smirkin because being #Mad #Sad & #Bitter Didn’t do shit positive 4 me! #Therapy #Medication then #Exercise Helped me A Lot. #FuckDepression 

All YOU have to do is START.  Get some comfy shoes, have an Awesome playlist, then #PoundThePavement. It helps relieve stress. If You Need Help ‘Get It!’ 

Lastly If you are taking any prescription medicine & it says ‘Do Not drink Alcohol while taking this medication!’ Then PLEASE do NOT Drink while on the medication.  If You do, it Will cause #RapidWeightGain & Many other problems.  Trust me I learned the hard way.

#Love The #BriskWalkLady 

 To Learn about my journey Please click the link.  

Side note: I’ve Always have had a Big Ass head😄 so no matter how much I shrink that will stay the same size🤗

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