#Mamathon Virtual Race

​Let’s DoThis!!! #Walk #BriskWalk #GirlTrek follow http://www.Girltrek.org for more info
WHAT: #Pledge to walk 52.4 mile by May 31st.  That’s twice the distance of a #marathon because our #Mamas have always gone twice as hard for us.
WHEN: Start Today! You’ll need to get 2-3 miles in each day. You can do it!
HOW: Log your miles using #FitBit (you don’t need the device) or through your GirlTrek profile using #MapMyWalk or kick it old-school & use a calender.
WHERE: Walk where you are! Be sure to tell your mother or loved one that you are doing this for her.  They like it when you announce it publicly on social media! #GirlTrek #Mamathon
WHY: Because the best gift we can give to our mothers is a healthy daughter! Plus, we are starting a new tradition.  50 years from now, you can say “I helped to create the Mamathon!”

#MothersDayGift #MothersDay #Race #VirtualRace #Health #Fitness #Run #Jog #Walk #BriskWalk mamathon

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