My 1st ride on the #MetroBlueLine Train in 20+ years…

YAY!!! I am NOW  Willing to give the #MetroBlueLine a try again… Let me explain…

I Use to catch the #MetroBlueLine on a regular as a teenager from the #LBC to Wilshire & then the Wilshire bus to my High school #Uni in #WestLA. It’s not far from UCLA

I Moved to the #LBC toward the end of 1994 & I wanted to still attend my high school. So I dealt with the 2+ hour ride. Most times I got rides from 2 of my classmates. One Lived in Compton & the other Watts. So I took the #MetroBlueLine Daily to & from those stations.

I Would slide my classmates $3-$5 (that was Good Gas money back in 1994/1995 gas was like $1 a gallon- lol) and they would take me to & from the stations.  I Never had any issues on the Blue line, Didn’t see any fights/no arguing. Just a cool ride. I didn’t have to worry about someone offering to sell me anything or trying to rob me and the train was Always super clean. It was still new. Once I graduated,  I got my 1st car – a bucket- & didn’t use public transportation again for 2 decades.

This past November I did something I hadn’t done in over 20+ years.  I took the #MetroBlueLine from the #LBC to Downtown #LA to meet a close friend at a #KDAY Concert. I did it on a whim. I didn’t want to worry about #RoadRage, traffic or pay for high ass #Parking so I said fck it & got on the train.

I parked at the Del Amo station #Free.  I immediately Saw 2 Metro Officers at the pay station so I felt safe. I didn’t have to wait long for a train & I was chilling UNTIL we hit the Artesia station. From that stop forward, I was Very Uncomfortable & on Alert of my surroundings. Those stops were completely different than how I remembered them. MF’s came on selling shit, teens loud as fck, people dropping trash,  and I instantly realized the train no longer looked as clean as it once did. It was a weird experience.

I left when the last act came on. On my way back,  I boarded at the Pico station & my ass got on the wrong train. I didn’t know the Blue Line & Expo Line picked up from the same spot. I was so tired, I didn’t even realize I was on the wrong train until it said: ‘Next stop, Expo & Vermont.’

It was well after 11pm on a Friday night. I had a cute Short blue, long sleeve dress on w/Uggs & my favorite tan Coach purse. I got off the train & while waiting for the light to change, I believe a Pimp/Customer on Expo & Vermont approached me saying “What’s Up, You working?’ I immediately ran my ass across the red light.  I quickly paid the new fare & waited for what seemed like the longest 15-20 min ever. Once I finally got back on the Blue line my ride home was pretty much smooth. No loud kids but people still trying to sell stuff. I promised myself I’d Never ride the train again Unless I knew I could feel secure, and of course plan my trip in advance so I didn’t get lost again.

 It was DEFINITELY an Experience….

All in All I’m glad I experienced it.  After hearing the news of PD now being at the #LBC stops I’m willing to give the train in Long Beach a try again, I might even ride it to LA again. just not solo. Hopefully Operation #BetterRide will be implemented at all stations soon.

Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady

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