Do Something #EveryDay that makes YOU #Happy #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

#TBT #ThrowBackThursday 30 Years ago…

I saw the #quote below on a #PPP friends page & Loved it. It reminded me of my #journey. This is a picture of Me from 30 Years ago. I was 9. I Love this #Picture because at this age I had no worries.

Every day isn’t perfect but I Now make a point to do something #EveryDay that makes me #HAPPY =)  I put on some comfy shoes, Play some Good #Music & I #BriskWalk #Walk. During this time, I #Run #Jump #Twirl #Skip #Dance #KickTheAir #Stretch #Laugh. And I Always feel Great After.

Do something EVERY DAY that makes YOU #Happy

Find something That You Love to do, that is Good for Your #Health & #DoIt dgaf about who is watching or how U look when U do it, Just #DoIt. I promise it is #Orgasmic =)~

‘Honor That Girl Inside You. Remember who You were before You cared for what You looked like. Before You knew the Sting of rejection, Before You were told that You couldn’t, or that You weren’t, or that You hadn’t. You are still that girl – Before the Roles, The Labels, The Pains, That Girl lives on. She is the Goddess within You’ – quoted from S.C. Lourie

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  1. That picture of you made me smile and made me happy. You were the CUTEST little girl! And I love pictures of people when they were kids. I totally agree with EVERYTHING you wrote here, and simply applaud you for your truth and your wisdom and your courage. xo


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