#BriskWalk #Week 01/16 to 01/22

Light #BriskWalk Week 01/16 to 01/22. Last week I got in 24+ miles & I #walked 6 of 7 days. 

  At the beginning of this #month, I was unable to walk for about 2 weeks straight but once I got the ok to #WALK (SLOW) I was very #Excited. I had almost forgotten just how #Happy, I feel once the #sun hits my face & my Body. Not walking had me #MoodyAsFck😜

  I am a Naturally aggressive #Woman  so therefore I do my best #Mentally & #Physically when My #body is in motion. I am not someone who can’t workout. I need some form of physical exercise daily in order for me to be positive.

  This Week my Goal is to do at least 25 Miles. What are Your Weekly #WorkOut #Goals? If You don’t have any NOW is the time to make some! Start small with just dedicating 15-30min of #Walking. It’s #FREE & the more you do it the better you’ll feel.

Love ya,

Chanel M 

The #BriskWalkLady


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