#FuckDepression  #TransformationTuesday
I post My #BeforeAndAfter pictures so You can see if I changed my life for the better, YOU Definitely can too! #FuckDepression

Get Help if You need it #Counseling, #Therapy, #medication, #workout, etc. Just do Something! Because don’t shit change from just sitting & holding on to #Pain. Trust me I tried & all that did was swell a ninja up & make me more depressed.

I’m a work in Progress…¬† & Yes there’s a ton of stuff I could complain about but ain’t no point. I’m #Grateful for the #Blessings

Just a few years ago, I was a hermit & didn’t leave my apartment unless it was a necessity. I did this for about 4 YEARS straight because of #Depression.

I use to sit for hours at a time drinking cheap box wine (I still have Wine now just in moderation), eating an Entire $3.49 bag of hot cheetos by myself -In one sitting & chain smoking Kool 100s (Side note: who starts smoking cigarettes for the 1st time Ever at 27 years old??? I did, smdh. I quit that bs cold turkey 4.5 years ago #BestDecision ever.)

I did all that while crying in the dark, blinds completely closed not allowing any #sunshine in. Now I make a point to get out of the house at least 1x Everyday, I dance while I #BriskWalk, I smile as often as possible & I live my life with #Love & constant laughter.

The decision is Yours, You can #WallowInSorrow & eat yourself alive or YOU can say Fuck this #Sad, #Mad, #Bitter shit & Better Yourself. There is no shame in Bettering Yourself #GetHelp if You need it.

Lastly if You are taking any type of #PrescriptionMedication that says #DoNotDrinkAlcohol while taking this #medication then DO NOT DRINK while on the medication!!! If You do drink while on medication You will experience #RapidWeightGain & other complications. Plus if Your already depressed, drinking while on medication such as  anti-depressants/anti-psychotics will only make You even MORE depressed because #Alcohol is a depressant.

 My Motivation to walk daily is To Never be Depressed Again!  #FuckDepression #BriskWalk #Walk
Ask Yourself what is Your Motivation to get Healthy, Then remind Yourself of it daily & get Healthy. #SmallStepsAddUpToBigChanges
282+ vs 190. Yes a Ninja is 190
I always look 20-30 pounds lighter than I actually am.

Love Ya,
Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady


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