#BriskWalk 12/12 to 12/18

#BriskWalk week 12/12 to 12/18

Last week I #BriskWalk 5 days & got in 32+ miles. I took 2 days off due to the #Rain & I Finally went out & had some Fun!  Yesterday, I drove several hours to visit #MyLove.  When I got home I Almost decided to not workout but then I realized I had to. I had some built up emotions from my busy week so I  needed to channel those emotions in a positive manner.  Therefore, I got dressed & #PoundThePavement. Immediately afterwards I felt GREAT!  #NoExcuses

This week my #Goal is to do 30+ miles & make more #MeTime for Myself.

What are Your Weekly Workout Goals? If You do not have any NOW is the time to make some.  #Walking is the easiest way to get back healthy both #physically & #mentally plus its #FREE.  Start off with 15-30 min. a day. All You need is:

  •  A good location

(try your neighborhood or local park) The closer to your home the less excuses You’ll make.

  •  Good walking/running shoes

(try #Brooks they have the best cushioning & make you feel like your walking on air. Nordstorm rack has them at 1/2 off)

  •  #Music

. Make yourself a list of songs that get’s You super Hyped. It will inspire You to want to #Walk more.  & if you have Spotify/google music, etc. They even have pre-made workout music.

#TryIt #BabyStepsAddUpToBigChanges
Love Ya,
Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady

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