#BriskWalk 12/05 to 12/11

#BriskWalk week 12/05 to 12/11
Last Week I #BriskWalk All 7 days & got in 41+ miles. My Goal this week is:
  •  #BriskWalk 30+ miles
  •  Really start doing more squats.Last week I did 50 a day so this week I’ll increase it to 100,
  • Add core exercises to my daily routine
  • #Stretch more than I usually do.

What are Your #WorkOut #Goals for this week???

If You don’t have any NOW is the time fck waiting until the next Year to start,  Start Today!

#Walk #Walking is Free & the easiest for of #Exercise. Make Yourself an Awesome #Music Play list & #PoundThePavement I Promise You will feel Great Afterwards.

Love Ya,

Chanel M.

The #BriskWalkLady



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