#FaceToFace update

Me 2014 vs Me 2016
What a Difference 2 + years can make…
I’ve lost 90+ pounds Naturally by #Walking, Changing my eating habits & making some positive changes
#SmallChanges add up to #HugeResults

IDGAF what YOU are going through #Physically or #Mentally TRUST YOU can change your life for the better, YOU just have to be willing to make the changes….

Shit ain’t always peachy but I damn sure don’t sit around #Sad #Mad or #Bitter everyday NO MORE

Whenever I am moody/frustrated etc I #BriskWalk & Immediately feel better. It’s my Outlet to channel any & all my frustrations. What is your outlet? If YOU don’t have one Find one.

#Walking is #FREE & Good for YOU physically & mentally. Try it!!! #NoExcuses #FuckDepression

side note: I’ve held onto what’s left of my 10 strands for as long as I could… after 9 years it’s time for a protective #hair style asap! So I can save what is left of my #Curl


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