#WorkOut #Week 11/14 to 11/20

#WorkOut #Week 11/14 to 11/20

Last Week I #BriskWalk 6 days & got in 40+ miles.  I had an Awesome week & even got to go see #MYLove. Saturday, was the only day I didn’t #BriskWalk & that’s because I spent close to 10 hours driving. #WellWorthIt.

My Favorite #WorkOut day was #Sunday. I #BriskWalk 2x yesterday. The 1st time the #Rain beat me & I had to stop at 2.11 miles around noon. I then waited a few hours & played #HideAndSeek with the #Rain =) & was able to get in 6.37 miles. Making my Sunday Brisk Walk total over 8 miles.  I had so much fun working out with a light drizzle that I actually #DancedInTheRain just like a big kid.

 I know I will be eating A Lot of #Yummy #Food this #Holiday week so My Goal is to get in at least 40 #miles. I’m hosting my first #Walking meet up with 10 Friends & Family on Saturday so I’m extremely excited about that.

What are Your Weekly fitness Goals??? If You do not have any NOW is the time to make some! Start small with just dedicating 15-30 min. simply #Walking. Put on some headphones, comfy tennis shoes & #walk in your neighborhood. You can do it solo or take a Love one/friend or even a pet. Just make #MeTime for YOURSELF! I promise #SmallStepsAddUpToBigResults

Love Ya,

Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady


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