#Workout #Week 11/07 to 11/13

#WorkOut #Week 11/07 to 11/13 Last week I #BriskWalk All 7 days and got in a little over 42 miles.

I am still participating in @GirlTrek’s #GirlTrek’s #40DaysOfGratitudeChallenge and it has helped motivate me to #Walk on days I didn’t feel like it. I made a promise to myself to complete this challenge no matter what & so far I’m doing good. It’s a commitment to do at least 30 min. of walking daily for 40 days straight as well as send Gratitude notes to those I’m Grateful for.
Join the movement & sign the pledge to get back Healthy #Walking too.


What are your #WorkOut #Goals for this week? Have you set any? If Not NOW is the time to do so. Remember, ‘The one thing we can’t recycle is wasted time.

Start #Walking Today! I promise #BabyStepsAddUpToBigResults

#BriskWalk #Fitness #Exercise #SelfCare
#YesILikeKickingTheAir lol




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