#Workout #Week 10/24 to 10/30


Last #Week I #BriskWalk all 7 days & got in a little over 40 miles. This week my Goal is to get in at least 35+ miles & eat much Healthier than I have been…

This past month (#October) has been a tad bit Stressful for me and I foolishly let #Wine & #Chips became my go to comfort food/drink Again. Because I made the decision to eat all that BS, my #BloodPressure has risen again &  I might even have to get back on medication to maintain it. Smdh I really would like to kick myself in the ass for this…

Therefore I have made the decision that I must stop eating BS & drinking Immediately!  I will monitor my #BloodPressure 2x a day from here on out as well as go see my doctor asap.  Hopefully I can get my BP back to normal so I  don’t have to get back on any #medication. The side effects are the worse. As of Today,  I’m going hard getting back healthy. I will maintain my regular #BriskWalk regime as well.

If you see me eating BS or drinking wine PLEASE snatch that shit out of my hands/remind me of this post.  Because a Ninja is trying to Live a Healthy life & not resort to shit that makes me sick.

What are your #Workout Goals for this week? If you don’t have any, Make some! Remember small steps add up, You just have to start.
#WhatYouPutInIsWhatYouGetOut #EverydayAintPerfectButItGetsBetter

Love Yall,

Chanel M.

The #BriskWalkLady

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