#40DayGratitudeChallenge #GirlTrek

I’m Doing this & YOU should too….

*The following text is Directly from #GirlTrek page*

Are you ready for #GirlTrek’s 40 Days of Gratitude?

That’s 40 walks + 40 thank you notes in 40 days.

The #GratitudeTrek — the biggest challenge of the season — starts Monday, October 17th and runs until Friday, November 25th.

That’s 40 days of #walking. That’s putting feet to the pavement for at least 30 minutes a day for 40 straight days. No excuses.

After each walk, we will share the feelings of love, peace and grace that we feel from our walk and share it with another person we care about by sending them a thank you note aka #GratitudeGram! That’s 40 people who you will express thanks to by the end of this challenge.

Every week we’ll share new #GratitudeGram designs. Be sure to hashtag #GirlTrek and #GratitudeGram to document your challenge — especially your walks!

Go forth and shower the world with #gratitude.

#40DayGratitudeTrek #40DayGratitudeChallenge


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