How I channel my Stress…

So far In my journey of becoming a Better me there have been many UPS & some downs. A ninja isn’t in the position I’d like to be Yet. However I’m working very HARD to get there. I’ve chosen to focus on the #Positive’s & be HAPPY rather than the #Negative’s. We gain NOTHING from focusing on #Negativity.
My PSA To Everyone:
PLEASE UNDERSTAND, Sometimes I’m extremely talkative.
Sometimes I wish to be social & around a lot of people.
Other times I’m the opposite & like to be solo & focus my energy on Self. It’s nothing Personal this is JUST how I stay Positive.
I finally found a way to channel my stress! That is why I Love to #BriskWalk. When I walk, I use any & all negative energy I’m feeling at the moment & #PoundThePavement.  During this time,  I don’t talk to ANYONE. I turn my music up super high & simply zone out & stomp on the concrete. It’s usually some trap or ratchet music (Waka Flocka, Lil Jon, etc.)   I REALLY Stomp the pavement so much so, you can hear my movement with each step. I do this daily for at least 1 hour every day. If I don’t , I’m moody.

This is how I am able to #Smile & keep it pushing on a daily basis. It’s my way to let go of Stress & not let shit upset me. I will Never allow myself to go back to being the always #angry #bitter #mad & #sad individual I once was. Nor be the type of individual that transfers their Negative energy on to others. I use to do that BS & it did nothing but create constant conflict.  It’s not productive &  a waste of time.

If your someone who finds yourself anxious, upset, depressed, etc. find a healthy habit of some form that makes you Happy & feel Good. Spend 15-30 min EVERY day on it, with no interruptions. TRUST, You can ALWAYS make time to Better yourself. #Self-Care is MANDATORY!
Today ask yourself: What do you do to channel your anger? What Healthy habit’s do you have to relieve stress? If you don’t have any make some NOW! Ain’t no point in constantly complaining and you ain’t doing shit to change. Trust the sooner you make a positive change for self the better.
Remember, Everyday isn’t going to be perfect but focusing on Positivity rather than negativity will make your life much better.
Love Ya,
Chanel M.
The #BriskWalkLady

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