#Workout #Week 09/12 to 09/18

Last week I exceeded my  #Weekly #BriskWalk 👣 #Goal & got in 39.25 #Miles 😆. I  also did my longest #BriskWalk yet, yesterday I did  8.50 #Miles. I was in a zone, check me out:


What are your weekly Workout goals for this week? If You don’t have any Make some NOW!!! Fck not having time for Your Health, MAKE TIME NOW!!!

Start simple, Take a 15-30 min walk per day. Try it in the morning before breakfast or if you prefer evenings (I do) try it after dinner, when it’s cool.

Use this time as a time for #meditation, Play #music you love & simply #walk.  Don’t forget to download the #NikeRunning App & #MapMyWalk App & add me (#BriskWalkLady).  I also suggest buying some #BrooksRunning shoes. They are the BEST #RunningShoes with a lot of cushioning. If your lucky you can find a discount pair at #NordstomRack 1/2 off.

I promise #SmallStepsLeadToBigResults #StartToday #NoExcuses #FuckDepression

Love ya,

The #BriskWalkLady

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