When I 1st started my journey in 2013, I was severely #Depressed & on #WELFARE #TheCounty & I took advantage of their #programs & it helped better my life. I put myself in:

a #alcohol & #drugclass,

then #AngerMangement

Then Group #counseling,

then #therapy

& lastly I saw a #psychiatrist.

(None of these classes were court ordered).

On 08/26/2014 I started to #BriskWalk. I couldn’t even go a whole block w/o stopping for a break at first. Each month I added a little more distance to my #BriskWalk and Now I do at least 5 miles each night at least 5x a week. I do this not only for my physical health but most importantly for my #MentalHealth.If you are dealing with anger/depression, etc. physical activity really Helps!!!

Let me be clear My Journey has Not been easy & I’m far from done but it’s definitely been worth it!  & I surely didn’t get this far on my own. Prayer, Meditation, Encouragement from Friends & Family Really helped! I also finally changed my eating habits for the better. I still eat bs from time to time (cheat days) & Yes I still drink wine. Just no longer every day & now in moderation.

 I share My Journey in hopes to help others. If you know someone going through something encourage them to get help. Because ain’t nothing going to change if you do nothing. Trust, if I can change my life for the better YOU CAN TOO!

Love ya,

Chanel M.

The #BriskWalkLady


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