#Facebook #Memories #ThomasMonroeWoodIII

#Facebook #Memories… So today I opened up my FB page & it shows a memory/picture posted 6 years ago. I can’t deny  my heart immediately dropped when I saw it and I most definitely felt a little light & fuzzing and smiled seeing the picture of US from almost 20 Years ago. Just as I do anytime I see a Picture of You.

You were my First Adult relationship.

You Taught me SO MUCH during the time we dated.

You taught me so much even after our break up.

You Helped me grow up at a time when I really needed it. 

I will Always cherish and appreciate the times I spent with You.

For a very long time, I use to look back at only focus on the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s in our time together. However, now I am able to see there was so much more Positive than anything else that I will Forever smile each & every time I think of you. Just as Everyone else does because You meant & still mean SO MUCH to So many people.

Mansel (Tom/Atom Bomb). You were an Amazing Man that looked out for EVERYONE! You’ve been gone over 14 years (since 02/02/2002) & everyone Always speaks Highly of You. You made such a Great Impact on so many people. You will Forever be missed & Forever be Loved.

I am Grateful for the relationship we once had & everything You ever taught me.

You bought me my 1st personal tv,

Took me & helped me buy my 1st car off a car dealers lot,

Took me to my first comedy concert & tons of other concerts Always in the first 10 rows. =)

Told me with Love, my weave (at the time) was a hot mess & told me where to get a real weave from & took me to get it immediately =).

When I told you I was thinking about ‘dancing’ at an After-hours You took me to one & made me sit in a chair (The entire night) right next to a young lady who was performing ‘extras’ just to show me Exactly why I should Never dance outside the BC. I’ll forever appreciate that.

I could go on & on because You taught me A LOT!

One of the most important things you taught me was ‘Always make my Own money! That way I never have to depend on anyone and when I am in the position to do so ALWAYS look out for others’. Just like You ALWAYS Did. I forgot that for a while but I promise I’ll remember it Always now.

We All miss & will Forever Love You.

#RIP #ThomasMonroeWoodIII #Tom #Mansel #AtomBomb

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