It’s My 2 Year #BriskWalk #Anniversary

08/26/2016, Today marks Exactly 2 YEARS since I started to #BriskWalk and because of that, Today I woke up Happy as Fck =) My life is Far from Perfect but I’m definitely a much Better Person because of my journey.

I started my #journey of getting myself back Healthy in 2013. At the time I was severely depressed. I had previously had #PostpartumDepression in 2002 which went UN-diagnosed and later turned into #MajorDepression. I was also dealing with issues from my childhood &  botched surgeries which caused #ptsd

I had become a #hermit pretty much all of 2009-2013. I got laid off from the post office 12/2008 & was able to get a few low paying part-time jobs after. This was during the #GreatRecession.

Then in 2011, I hit my bottom/lowest. I was on #Welfare (the county). For those of you who have been blessed to Never have to rely on welfare to survive, You don’t Just get a check. They have several programs in which you must take & complete in order to get monthly assistance.  Out of all the classes the County/Welfare Office offers, You Are able to choose which ones you want to do. They just must equal up to a certain number of hours per week.  If you take advantage of  these programs they can REALLY Help.

Side note: If You are receiving aid, Ask your Welfare/County worker about the classes they have & Take Advantage of the Programs!

1st, I put myself in a drug & alcohol class.
Once that was completed, I then put myself in an #DomesticViolence class so I could find healthy ways to handle my #anger.
Then finally I started #counseling & started seeing a #psychiatrist.  I did that for about a year & 1/2.  Slowly but surely my life started to change for the better.
*Note: None of these classes were court ordered or forced on me, I CHOSE to take them. If You need #Help GET IT!!!

For a Long time, I thought I would Never get back healthy But I did it & YOU CAN TOO! #Depression is real!  We don’t discuss #MentalHealth enough in our communities & we need to! There is NO shame in getting help!  No matter what you are going through Do NOT allow yourself to just sit in sorrow. Nothing positive comes from that. Trust, I learned the Hard way.

Now everyday hasn’t been #HappyGoLucky but I’ve had way more #GOOD days & weeks than I’ve had bad and I damn sure don’t walk around #mad, #sad or #Bitter all day, everyday, Anymore! I constantly remind myself several times throughout the day, No matter what the situation is, Always look for the positive 1st.

It’s been a Great Journey & one I will continue for the rest of my life. I definitely could have Not done this without the Encouragement of my Family, all my Friends & all the awesome people in my neighborhood as well as everyone I have met online. You have no idea how a simple encouraging word can help motivate someone. I’ve been blessed to have All Yall do just that for me & I will Forever be #Grateful.

Setting small goals has equaled up to BIG Results. My next #Goal to accomplish before I turn 40 (14 months from now) is to make a #Positive difference in my community. I’m going to start a #Walking Group, #volunteer more, go to #community meetings,  spread knowledge on #PostPartumProgress & figure out a way to help #TroubledYouth.

I Was once a troubled youth. I was in placement at 14 for a year & then spent a little over a month in juvi at 15.  Luckily, for me, I was blessed to have a few adults guide me to get my life back on track. I graduated from high school on time and later graduated from jr. college.  I’ve had so Many different #LifeLessons that I know in my heart since I was blessed to get through them Now I MUST give back. So I am going to do just that!

I tell my journey so it will help others. Fuck being embarrassed about past mistakes or defeats. I’m focused on my future.  #Reach1Teach1 #PayItForward

What are your goals for this month, next month or next year? If You don’t have any future Goals, Take some time  & make some. It’s the best feeling in the world when you set a goal & then accomplish it. Set a new Goal today.

Love Ya,

The #BriskWalkLady


P.s. my #Stomach is so flat because I bought it 10+ years ago #ijs

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