I’m far from perfect! More like a Work in Progress.
My journey is teaching me more & more on a daily basis, to look at situations from more than just my view.
One of the most trying times in my life thus far was my #Divorce. Now if you asked me a few years ago why I divorced I would have said: ‘Because he lied & cheated on me!’ But at 38 I have to be Honest with Myself… I contributed & started a lot of that BS in my marriage. I was a HORRIBLE Wife! I didn’t cook, I didn’t clean, I didn’t even pay 1 household bill the entire 5 years we were together. All I did was talk shit & complain All day Every day. Shit, I would have cheated on me too!
It took me YEARS to be honest with myself about my divorce but once I finally did, I was able to apologize & make peace with my ex. After doing so I finally felt free of the hurt we caused one another. Now we are able to co-parent a lot better. Yes he still urks me from time to time & Yes I know I remind him of Teyanna Taylor character Sabrina in ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ but we make the co-parenting work for our son & that is ALL that matters.
So I say this ‘LET THAT SHIT GO!’ WHATEVER it is that is stopping YOU from moving forward in your life. Let go of HURT/ANGER, etc because holding on to it does nothing but hurt You!
If you are currently feuding/angry/dislike the other parent of Your child PLEASE find a way to iron it out for the sake of your child. No child should have to see or hear their parents argue/fight. Trust, what they see now does affect the Adult they will become.

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