My Ninja Kista😊

One thing I’m getting better at is letting go of Grudges and admitting when I’m wrong. I am one to hold a mf grudge FOREVER & EVER and honestly that shit has eaten me alive with A Lot of situations. So as I’ve been seeing people, reaching out and even bumping into people. I’ve been making amends. Because  a lot of the shit I was mad at for so damn long was so MF petty I don’t even remember why I was mad to begin with. And in some instances I was just wrong.
One in particular situation is with my Ninja Kista. Kiss has been my friend since I was 18 in college. She bought me my first copy  of ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’ by Sister Souljah. I had never even heard of it & it became my favorite. She was there my entire pregnancy when I was out of my mind with #PPD & helped a lot with my kid. She’s the reason I got my spot in the LBC, when she told me ‘just fill out the application because you never know’, they called 2 years later on the day we were packing up out our foreclosed home moving to Atlanta, GA. at the beginning of my divorce. She’s the reason I met my Love I.L.L.
I could go on & on. I just know she’s been a Good Friend to me me for over 21 years and because I wanted to be childish & hold grudges I wasn’t always a good friend to her.THANKFULLY a mutual friend a couple weeks ago linked us back up (Thanks Sondra🤗) as well as several others always asking had we talked or telling me I should reach out to her. I appreciate All of you for that
We finally did talk & when we saw each other it was like it was just the day before. It had been 5 years… bcuz I wanted to be Childish & Hold grudges I miseed out on 5 Years with my friend.
I share this to say, Hold on to Grudges if You want to that shit will eat you alive. I’m Grateful than a MF I got my Friend back & I ain’t letting no petty shit ever come between us or any of my friendships again.
Me & MY Ninja Kista
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