#WorkOut #Week 08/25 to 08/31 +

I #BriskWalk 6 Days Last Week. 2x on Sunday.
Last Week was very Fun, interesting and I learned another #LifeLesson. My son & I went a few different places & we also spent time with friends & family. It was well needed & I’m Grateful we got to do so. Prior to, I felt myself starting to kinda isolate myself again (bad habits are hard to break)  so I’m glad we got out and had fun. #FuckDepression
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During the week I even encountered a situation where I tried to speak with someone about an issue & it quickly turned into a hostile situation. So much so, I Almost allowed myself to behave as I once did when I was younger. Luckily I was blessed with 2 individuals who quickly remind me how far I’ve come & how much I would lose if I allowed myself to stay in the situation. I then did something I’ve never done, I walked away & prayed.
I prayed for Forgiveness. Forgiveness for myself for even entertaining foolishness & forgiveness for the individual because clearly their behavior had absolutely nothing to do with me. That was their own personal issue with self.
At 38, I’ve finally learned Some people simply can’t be reasoned with. And because I use to be one of those individuals… I know better now so I try my best to do better. #LifeLessons
I’m sharing this because Every day isn’t Perfect but Everyday doesn’t have to be a ‘Bad Day’. As I continue to grow I know I will encounter obstacles from time to time. However I’m making a promise to myself to continue to be a better Person, Stay Cheesing (SMILE) and never resort to being the Angry, Bitter person I once was. #FuckDepression
My favorite workout was the 1st one Sunday with my bro! Walking with him in EastVale, CA on a BEAUTIFUL walk path I had no worries at all. I’ve Now set a goal that I will buy some property in an area similar to that, one day soon. Not sure how I am going to do it just yet but I am definitely going to! Time to make a Vision board!
My goal for August is I am going to have at least 1 day a week that I take a #BriskWalk with a friend or Family member to somewhere I’ve never been before so I may admire Beauty of a new location. NO more hermit shit, I need to experience more and I plan on doing just that!
Love ya,
 The #BriskWalkLady

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