#Workout #Week 07/4 to 07/10

Last week I #BriskWalk  6 Days and did over 37+ miles. Brisk #Walking started as something I didn’t really enjoy, mainly because I couldn’t walk a block without stopping to take a break to catch my breath. Now I absolutely LOVE IT! It helps me not only #Physically but also #Mentally. It’s when I get to zone out , listen to music & channel any frustration I may have by simply #PoundThePavement with my feet. And I ALWAYS feel Great after.

 If you are someone who is even thinking about getting back #Healthy Start TODAY! Start light by Simply taking a walk around your block or around a park. It doesn’t need to be anything excessive the key is just to start. Then add a little more little by little. (1st week, walk 15 min, 2nd week walk 20 min, 3rd week walk 25 min, etc.)   I use both Nike Running app & MapMyWalk. As you can see below both keep track of your progress. Plus both apps are FREE!  I have also heard couch to 5k is Awesome (& it’s Free) so check out those apps & start getting back healthy TODAY =)

Love ya,
The #BriskWalkLady

 I just figured out #MapMyWalk sends me my weekly results every Saturday. So After today I will be posting my weekly workouts on Saturdays/Sundays

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