Adventures of a #Botched #TummyTuck 😐

Adventures of a #Botched #TummyTuck.  I had several surgeries in my 20s. Some came out Good others Botched. My tummy tuck which I got in Mexico in 2004 came out cool. My scar goes in a complete circle around me. From the front of my lower stomach where my c-section scar Was, to around my back (above my behind) back to the front of my stomach. And Even with all that, I STILL thought it was ok. I‘ve had no issues with my tummy tuck, until last night When a ‘hair’ appeared  to be coming out my back. Let me explain.

In May of this year, I noticed  a small bump on my back, right below my tummy tuck scar. At first I thought it was a pimple or a hair bump. So I just put apple cider vinegar on it for a few weeks hoping it would come to a head and pop on it’s own, It didn’t it got bigger. So then I started putting Tea tree oil & that helped it come close to a head. I even showed my doctor it & she told me to put hot compressions on it.

Late last night It finally looked raised enough to pop so I pressed it super hard and out came a ‘black hair’.

  I  then pulled on ‘the hair’  & it came out about 4 inches. I tried to take a good picture of it but seeing that it is directly on my back that was kind of hard. As I pulled on the ‘hair’ my stomach started to feel a little strange along the line of my tummy tuck scar. At that moment I could tell what I thought was hair, was actually something else! 
Rather than completely freak out, I put ointment on it & then put a bandage on it & went to sleep. This morning I woke up & everything seemed ok  but my back was now sore. So I decided to cut about 3 inches from the ‘hair’ hoping it would help the pain. Upon seeing it, I immediately realized it was actually a suture left in from my surgery 10+ years ago😣.
Fyi: I have Blond/Reddish body hair and yes a thin keloid scar that goes all the way around my mid-Section.Photo Collage Maker_TytIvM

I then called 1 of my closes friends & she told me not to pull it anymore because it could possibly be around some of my organs. This of course caused me to worry. However I’m grateful she informed me of this because I would have kept pulling on it. Needless to say I’m currently at the ER praying everything is ok with me. It’s 12:45pm.

 I’m sharing this with you all so you can learn from my mistakes. Always go to a USA Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Also make sure you choose a surgeon you can go back to immediately if any problems should arise. I did neither & that’s Exactly why I’m currently at the ER #YouLiveAndYouLearn #LifeLessons


So after waiting 7+ hours this is what the ER Doctor pulled out by hand (The longer one). Keep in mind he did it in the hallway with 3 other patients lined up in beds. I asked for numbing cream he did NOT get any. His bedside manner was horrible.  There’s STILL more in there however I’ll call my regular doctor for an appt. Next week.

Nevertheless it could have been worse. So I’m grateful some of it came out.

#WhatYouDoInYour20s can kick your a$$ in your 30s #ijs😜



Love ya, The #BriskWalkLady

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