#Workout #Week 06/27 to 07/03

I #Briskwalk All 7 days last week.

*The following might be TMI for some  so caution *


Up until this year,  My entire 30s my cycle has Not been normal. My menstrual cycle would come every 6-8 weeks and last at least 7 – 10 days each time I finally got it. I also would miss at least 2-3 periods a year and when I missed one the next would be like a double cycle in one. It was the worst! My doctor had me take several test through the years trying to find out the cause and finally I was told that me being morbidly obese (282+) was the reason. Fyi: PCOS was ruled out.  In the last 23 months I have been Brisk Walking (working out) at least 5x a week and FINALLY this year my cycle started to become ‘regular’ after years of not being regular.

I’m sharing this with you all because being out of shape, not eating right, depression & stress caused my body Not to operate correctly in so many ways for several years. Do Yourself a favor & Take care of your health (mental & physical) Now!

‘You Only get 1 ticket Might as well Enjoy the Ride!’
Find some kind of physical activity you like doing. Start slow and know small steps will eventually lead to Big changes! You just got to start. #NoExcuses
Love ya,
The #BriskWalkLady

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