2015 vs 2016 My First 10k race

#WrigleyRiverRunĀ #2015vs2016 #LBC #CališŸŒ“
What You Put in your Body (And Mind) is Exactly what You get Out of it. I Choose #LOVE over #hate because that angry bitter shit didn’t do anything positive 4 me.

It’s a given Every day isn’t going to be perfect but I damn sure won’t ever just sit on my ass, in the dark, blinds closed, eating 2x hot cheetos, drinking cheap wine & beer crying everyday Ever again. #FuckDepression

#PostPartumDepression is REAL Get Help if You need it! It took me 10+ YEARs b4 I did & by then it turned into #MajorDepression…

There is no shame in Bettering Yourself! Especially because you can’t take care of others if your not taking care of yourself First. #SelfCare is mandatoryIMG_20160611_101242
#Therapy #Medication & #Brisk #Walking worked 4 me.

#PPD = PostPartumDepression is REAL Please help other #Women #ClimbOut #ClimbOutOfTheDarkness



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