Dear Anyone….

Dear Anyone Over Weight/Letting Themselves Go/Out Of Shape, etc.
PLEASE Start working out NOW rather than later Bcuz Weird shit happens when you start to shrink back!
*You will feel #Cold A Lot. (Those who know me well, know I’m Always hot so feeling cold on a regular basis is strange.)
*Your #Feet will shrink like a mf so much so you’ll have to buy new #shoes or your feet will swim in your old ones. (Trust it’s annoying as heck.)

*Your skin itches & burns & then suddenly you see a stretch mark where that is happening (it’s the weirdest feeling ever.)
*You get stretch marks EVERYWHERE! (I even have them on my damn face. They are hard to see but their definitely there.)
Tons of other stuff happens too but these are the things I am dealing with Today so I decided to share!
Remember, The longer you wait, the Longer it takes to get your body even close to normal. Take heed. Start with just a 15 min walk around your neighborhood or a park, I PROMISE it makes a Huge Difference!

Love ya, CM 
The #BriskWalkLady
Photo Collage Maker_lEpYZI
I had a #TummyTuck in 2005 so while I no longer have the ‘pouch’ at the bottom I Still have my Wino/Beer Belly at the top. Remember What You put in your body is what you get out! Choose Wisely…

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